Planned Maintenance: What’s in it for me?


Planned Maintenance (PM) is a forklift’s version of lube, oil, and filter. It is a fluids check and change, a complete lubrication, an oil filter change, and an operational check of the machine to ensure safety. This includes checking:

  • Start Operation
  • Engine Operation
  • Warning Light & Hour Meter Operation
  • Lights & Horn Operation
  • Seat & Seatbelt Condition
  • Battery & Terminals
  • Power Steering Operations
  • Steer Axle & Cylinder
  • Brake Operation
  • Parking Brake Lever Operation
  • Brake Master Cylinder & Fluid Level
  • Engine Leaks
  • Tire Air Pressure & Condition
  • Hub & Lug Nuts/Studs/Wheel Condition
  • Electric Control Panel/Contact Tips
  • Limit Switches
  • Hydraulic Tank Breather
  • Carriage & Attachment Operation
  • Hydraulic Leak on Mast Cylinder
  • Mast Operation
  • Hydraulic Control Valve Condition
  • Hydraulic Piping
  • Forks, Lift Chains, & LBR

Just like a car, forklifts require regular maintenance to ensure that they operate at their peak performance. If you are hoping to keep your forklift in operation for many years, you may want to consider signing it up for planned maintenance.

Our technicians are trained to identify items that need attention. Checking your equipment on a reoccurring basis allows us to make recommendations and repairs before any identified problems get worse.

Getting on a planned maintenance schedule is also convenient. We work around your schedule to send a technician to your site at a time that works best for you. These regular checkups help to get maintenance done on your schedule instead of the forklifts. Now you will have the opportunity to spend time running your business instead of worrying about unpredictable break downs.


On both electric and LPG forklifts, you should get a PM done at around 250-500 hours, depending on operating conditions.

For more information and to get current rates, call us at (253) 872-7114.

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